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Building an APK from scratch in Unity Hub

AtomicFlea69AtomicFlea69 Member
edited May 2022 in 3D Art

Hey guys, I am currently working for a project which uses AR to overlay the information of the box(weight and dimension) on the ar overlay. So basically I am able to model the entire thing (i.e.) the physical box into a virtual model using Vuforia and import it as the image target and do the remaining overlays, but when I try to import the apk, I don't get anything on the camera. I need help for the following,

i) I get a warning 'A meta data file (.meta) exists but its asset can't be found'. How do I get this solved.

ii) Is there a specific procedure which I need to follow for importing the apk and doing the models?

iii) I encountered another warning called 'ARAnchorManager.AddAnchor(Pose)' is obsolete: 'Add an anchor using AddComponent<ARAnchor>.

I donno how to set a ar anchor. I am very new to this ar field and unity hub, so I kindly request you guys to bear with me and help me out with this problem. A big thanks in advance!

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