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Ultimate Coding Beginner Need Immediate Help

edited May 2022 in Brackeys' Tutorials

Ok so I'm brand new to learning coding language and I'm starting by watching Brackeys how to 8 episode C# coding tutorials. Immediately I already need help, Brackey has some lines of code that default at the top of his new projects however on mine they are non existent. I didn't have any problems with this until the last episode where we start creating our own classes. I get errors on errors if I try to make my own class and I believe it's because the default text isn't there for me to be coding inside or outside of.

The default code that I am missing is something along the lines of:

using System;

namespace Whatever


class Program


static void Main(string[] args)


Console.WriteLine("Hello, World!");





Where my projects simply say:

Console.WriteLine("Hello, World!");

I'm sure I could just type in these lines of text everytime... at least I think I could, but I also want to understand why it is that my projects don't display this text when his does. As a brand new learner, the missing text and added need to problem solve because of the missing text makes my brainy-cogs move even slower and is giving me a headache. Help would be appreciated, Thanks!


  • Your project only shows these lines of code because of the changes in the updated version of .net framework .The older version of the framework had all the lines shown in the video but the updated version doesn't.

    You can find the old code as well as read about these changes here :

  • ANJANJ Member

    Thank you krish! I figured since years have passed since the visual studio version brackeys used that there may have been some updates causing this. I'm just curious now knowing that, why would they update and take away that code? especially when it seems that is causing so many more issues than I would have if it were there?

    I suppose the link you sent may explain some of this, and I will definitely read it, but it just seems counter-intuitive, it's unfortunate when trying to learn.

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