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how did you become a successful trader?

how did you become a successful trader?


  • serebrinaserebrina Member

    In principle, I was able to succeed and I can tell you this, many people think that in order to become a trader, you need to study mathematics, some programs, quotes ... But in most cases, this has nothing to do with making money. By the way, you will benefit from reading all the information in the FX-List 2022 blog . And remember that in order to open a deal, you need to make only a couple of clicks - select an asset from the list, select a volume or amount and click buy / sell. The process itself takes 2-3 seconds. But if we talk about earnings, then we need to talk about the analytics of your asset and how to determine whether the price will rise or fall

  • in order to succeed in this market, I decided to use the best tools

  • Separately, I would like to note that one of the most popular visual assistants in the exchange market is the btc to eur price chart. Charts are the basis of technical analysis when trading on the stock exchange. They serve to visually assess the trends in quotes of a particular instrument, forecast price movements and analyze whose positions are stronger - supply or demand.

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