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i need help with my project for school

I need to make a separate class code that is called processhouse and then on the windows forms the buttons need to call Processhouse from the class and then i need to compute 10 arrays of the 10 buttons and the variables are people baths and household income


  • jtok4jjtok4j Member


    I would recommend starting here:

    which will walk you through creating the script/Game Objects to call the processhouse script with the buttons on your gameobjects/forms.

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    Justin of JustinTime Studios ( 

  • CodeMystCodeMyst Administrator

    Also, we are not here to spoon feed you. You have to show us what you have tried already, what issues you came upon. We are not here to just do your homework for you, but we are here to help if you have issues.

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  • ninagormanninagorman Member

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  • SolomiderSolomider Member
    edited July 25

    What ways of solving the problem have you already tried? If you have some, please show us the types of solutions. That would make it easier for us, first of all, because our solutions can repeat the steps you have already tried. But since it`s been a couple of years since you posted, it`d also be interesting to know which solution you used. School projects, contrary to popular opinion, can be very difficult, for example I`m studying at asa college miami now and we have already started some programming topics which I had at high school! Nevertheless I think it`s better to think and try it out on your own, and then look for help in solving it.

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