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Lost Ark Narcasena Guardian Raid Guide

In this Lost Ark guide you will learn everything you need to defeat the Narcasena Guardian Raid in The Lost Ark.

Your second boss in the Lost Ark Guardian Raid at level 2 is Narcasena. You need an item level of 500 to enter the Narcasena Guardian Raid. You can find out how to defeat him in our Lost Ark Narcasena Guardian Raid Guide.

Carry useful items - Destruction Bomb, Cyclone Bomb

Narcasena boss mechanic

Power Charge - Passive mechanic that increases Narcasena's power and attack range during combat

Claw Smash - Narcasena slams the ground with each claw, then launches a frontal attack.

Sweeping Slash - Narcasena draws his claws in the air, then sweeps them in a direction to perform an AOE attack.

Slashing Attack - Narcasena swings his claws once, then charges all the way forward. If he glows blue during this attack, you can smash Narcasena's head with a counterattack skill.

Lunge - Nakasena raises his claws high in the air, then lunges forward. You have to duck to the side to avoid the attack.

Leaping Strike - Narcasena leaps over his claws, then leaps straight into the air. He lands quickly and deals a lot of AoE damage.

Burrowing Pursuit - Narcasena burrows underground and chases a player. You can tell which player he's chasing by the trail of dust that follows. He leaps out of the ground and strikes, dealing damage. Once he pops out, you'll need to dodge to avoid damage.

Electrospray - Narcasena stabs the ground with its tail, causing an electric shock that erupts from the ground. Avoid the small blue Aoe area to avoid damage.

Sweeping Tail - Narcasena raises his tail and then unleashes a wide sweeping AOE attack.

Lightning Bolt - Narcasena raises his tail and shoots a bolt of lightning forward.

Narcasena's Sting - Narcasena stabs the player with his tail, inflicting massive damage. This usually only happens when the player is knocked unconscious by Narcasena's stream.

Lightning Storm - Narcasena creates folds within itself to create a lightning storm. The flash will pursue a player. This player must dodge the long-range AOE lightning strikes to avoid being electrocuted.

Brood Spawn - Narcasena shoots a beam of light into the air and summons a Brood Spawn. Most spawn spawns will be knocked down by your normal AOE attacks and don't require much attention.

Narcasena Guardian Raid Strategy

During combat, Nakasena will passively consume energy to recharge. When he is charged, his attacks deal more damage and he can use new attacks. The player can use a whirlwind bomb or stagger attack to stagger Narcasena while he is attacking. This causes Narcasena to fall to the ground and open a window to snap his tail. At this point, you'll notice a flowing blue target on Narcasena's tail. Use the Destruction Bomb or Destruction skill to cut off Naracesena's spike and reset his energy charge. This will help reduce the number of lightning attacks and gain more cheap lost ark gold in-game.

When Naracesenas is charged, he will cast Lightning Storm. Lightning Storm chooses a player to follow around the map until the end of the game. That player needs to make sure to pull the AOE lightning chain away from the party so the rest of the party doesn't get damaged/stunned. Lightning bolts and electrical eruptions can also stun you, so be aware of that when Narcasena announces these abilities.

Try to dodge Narcasena's saved attacks, as he'll use Narcasena's spike if he manages to electrocute you. If this is the case, the player can use the Stagger or Whirlwind Bomb skill to free the player from Narcasena's spike.

Mind your mechanics and prevent the energy from recharging, and you'll soon have Narcasena in the grave!

Narcasena Trophy

After defeating Narcasena, you have a chance to get the following rewards.

Narcasena map

Archaic Event Coins

Legendary earrings, necklace and amulet

Level 1 honing materials

Legendary skill stones

Rare Class Engraving Recipe

Lost Ark Narcasena Guardian Raid Guide Conclusion.

This applies to our Lost Ark Narcasena Guardian Raid Guide. Be sure to check out the next Guardian Raid Guide, Flame Fox Yoho.

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