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Applying score counter in cube tutorial

So, I’ve followed the tutorials up to the score and have double checked to make sure all my code is correct on the ‘score’ script, but for some reason, I can’t drag the text from hierarchy into the ‘score’ script.

Also when I hit play now, the console gives an error saying ; Object reference not set to an instance of an object score.Update

i could really use some help here


  • It would help to know the EXACT video title and the URL to video.

    Brackeys has over 100+ videos on youtube.

    Not being rude or mean, its just that no one can help you, if you and US(the forum users) arent

    on the same page( or Video). Also please leave a TIMESTAMP as well.

    Example ,

    URL ---> <---

    Title ---> 10. How to program in C# - CLASSES - Beginner Tutorial <---

    @12:59 You said this or that.

    Also please insert screen shots and attach any logs.

    Im not being mean, just cant help you if I dont know your problem.

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