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Can I use C# to create a sports management software?

I am wanting to design a sports management software where people can register for an event, stats can be tracked, a tournament can be created. An example of this would be TeamSnap. I want to have stats added and tracked and the ability to have a standings area for teams and players.


  • Hi. I downloaded in my project, Standard Assets. And I followed a tutorial from JIMMY VEGAS about cars. And I'm using the CarController script in y cars. So I stopped in a part of RACING Countdown like: "3, 2, 1, GO". I successfully made the first c# script, but the second one was Javascript. And I'm using Unity 2020, where this language was gone. The script is "CarControlActive". Means when the game say "GO", the car control will be active. So he sent the same script where, the language was in c#. I tried that script and it didn't work.

    When I save the script and going back to unity. They said:

  • GreggoGreggo Member

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