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Trading and bots.

A trading robot, or a mechanical trading system - MTS, is good when there is a clear trading strategy that is fully formalized: the rules for opening, maintaining and closing transactions are clearly defined and programmed. In this case, the robot allows you to completely eliminate the human factor and emotions - it will blindly follow the algorithm. Typically, robots are set up to trade in intervals that are multiples of 15 minutes, an hour, or a day.

For example, a robot can check the deviation of the price from the set price once an hour and buy or sell the instrument. If you want to dive deeper into the topic, you can look at Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine, where each issue openly publishes codes of trading systems adapted for different programs. For example, in the July 2019 issue, Vitaly Apirin's article "Exponential Deviation Bands" is in the spotlight.

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There are also so-called high-frequency robots that can make thousands of transactions per second - HFT, high-frequency trading. There is a good book about this by Michael Lewis “Flash Boys. The High Frequency Revolution on Wall Street. But for high-frequency trading, you need to have a minimum ping - the period of time during which the signal sent from the working server passes through the network to another server and returns back - to the exchange and, ideally, be in the same building as the exchange itself.

Why do we need trading robots at all? Of course, to earn. Robots do not get tired and can trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can process dozens of tools at the same time. Let's figure out why the promise of any return, especially 20-50%, is unrealistic.


  • DerrekkDerrekk Member

    In fact, smart trading bots can be a great tool in the experienced hands of a trader. Therefore, I want to advise everyone to study the information about trading bots and think about using it. Managing such bots is quite simple and it will help you to trade on the exchanges daily and around the clock. Agree? This is a very useful trading tool.

  • As a trader, I know that the choice of exchange is very important for us. For example, I have accounts on dozens of exchanges and even in operation and use 3-4 every day. The thing is that some altcoins are simply not yet available on the top exchanges. I recently did a review on a rather popular crypto exchange, you can read it at Remember that diversification is a very important thing and you have to keep your assets on different exchanges.

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