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Something wrong with the ceiling check (2D Movement in Unity)

I did everything in the video but whenever I stop holding down the crouch button, my character just clip through the ground and slide to the side of the platform with a speed of light, I think it has something to do with my ceiling check but I have messed around with it for literal hours now, does anyone knows how to fix this?


  • First of all, I should tell you that I do not actually have a solution to your problem, I am a noob still, but am here to ask for help. I am watching the same course on controlling movement in 2D as you are watching, but for me, the character is not jumping with the Space Key input, I cannot understand where the problem lies. Can you or anyone else kindly help me out? I will leave a fresh message on this page soon.

  • @godsgamer show me your code please, before that, make sure you are pressing the correct button (w or space)

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