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ProSkill Card Game

Hi, nice to meet all the seniors here. My name is Jimmy. I'm a newbie of Unity Game development. I just started few weeks ago. I tried to do card game but lots of code I don't know. Hope anyone can help me.


  • it's my latest productions! I learned game design for 3 weeks time started from ZERO. Still lots of code don't understand and hard to search from Google. I hope I can get help from seniors here.

    Recently I have done button setting for open and feed.

    I'm going to try is when click open will spell ProSkill Game Token which is start from 100, will minus 10 to draw a rare item, magic card, spell card or other things.

    Next is about the Monster Egg, when spent 10 ProSkill Game Token can summon a random monster for help in battle.

    Any seniors here know the code, please share with me or recommend a Youtube video, so I can learn from that.

    Thank you.

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