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Having problem at tower defence game

I am having a problem releated to tower defence game . I just finished the video no. 25 and discovered a bug at my game that , when i restart the game through the pause the wave spawner stops and it does not spawn enemies idk why. Plz somebody help me😥


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  • LewStokes54LewStokes54 Member
    edited May 28

    There are a few things that can cause problems when playing tower defense games. One is not having enough towers to cover the entire map. This can leave gaps in your defense that enemies can exploit. Another problem is not properly upgrading your towers. Each type of tower has different strengths and weaknesses so you need to make sure you are upgrading the right ones to match the enemy's strengths. I visited this link to download animal-svg files. Finally another problem can be not having enough money to buy all the towers and upgrades you need. This can be remedied by earning more money through in-game achievements or by spending real money on in-app purchases.

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