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Heylo guys!! I'm 17 ...

I have no exp in using unity nor programming.... I hope U guys can help me out learning!!! And I'm lookin for friends too!


  • Hey, awesome that you want to check out game development and programming :)

    Before you jump into Unity, I would definitely recommend you check out some YouTube tutorials of the C# Programming language in general and do some basic programs, like maybe a chatbot where you can ask him what Time it is and so on.

    Learning the basics of whatever programming language you will use, is essential in getting started with game development.

    When you think you understand basic concepts of C# like Variables, Data Types and If/Else statements, try to make simple games at first, since I think making games is generally the best way to learn programming, because it's fun, engaging and rewarding.

    Good luck friend and maybe I will get to play some of your games in the future :)

  • Hey @Crezemot, I am also new in this field and also 17 ... I have studied python basics, and trying game developed because I like it. Hope you will help me too in near future after learning !

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