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Need Help for mobile movement script for a game like Cubethon


Brackeys "how to make a game tutorial" actually helped me alot but i need to convert the game similar to it into mobile platform and after seeing a tons of youtube mobile tutorial. I am feeling alot of difficulties to build a script for a 3d Rigidbody mobile movement/.

I am seriously confused and need help. Anyone Please help me.


  • jtok4jjtok4j Member


    Do you have movement already in a script for playing on the computer?

    If so, you need to use something like the "Or" symbol : || in your C# codes which checks for "This" || "That"

    (Read: This or That )

    Then you can add some buttons on-screen, and have your script check if the button is "true", which becomes true when the button is pressed.

    Rough Example: if (Keypress.Down || ButtonUP) {Do something here or have your current movement code here to move your object}

    This checks for Keypress.Down or ButtonUP's value to be true, then does something.

    Hope this points your in the right direction!

     Keep on Creating! 

    Justin of JustinTime Studios ( 

  • Thanks JTOK4J for your help.

    This solution is even though a bit complicated for me. At time passes I will understand it .

    thank you again

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