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Basicly web scraping i guess, C#

Hi all,

So it goes like this. My friend has a Minecraft server on which he has some sort of minigames and stuff that

are played between friends. (not a public server). For each guy on the server (5-6) guys, there is a WEBSITE 

on which his stats and some info are displayed.

I need a program that will do the following:

We will call 5 websites by players so we have (,, and so on)

On each site there will be couple of threads so we have like this:

Minigame 1, Minigame2, Minigame3

On each minigame, we have some stats, lets call it like this

Upon opening minigame 1, you have stats: Mobs_killed, Experience_gained.

Upon opening minigame 2, you have stats: Ores_mined, Ores_Sold

Upon opening minigame 3, you have stats: current_balance, all_time_earned_money

So now, the app/program needs to: Scrape info from all of the websites, So it needs to open all 5 websites, 

Open minigame 1, Take stats from the 2 given, COMPARE all stats between each player, and take the highest guy's

value and dispaly it. Same goes for minigame2, and minigame3.

This will be done on my side without access to API.

The taking the highest value and stuff doing with it, i know how to do. What i do not know is how to do the

Web scraping part. So if anyone can direct me to some sort of a guide, or if its simpler to just show me simply

how to make the program know how to navigate itself for 2 websites, take info and compare it, ill know later

how to add more websites, that would be awesome.

Im thinking about C#, but i googled that python might be better for this web scraping thing, i could switch to that too, any tips for this are more than welcome :)

Thanks a LOT!

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