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A game object can only be in one layer

i just watch and do as u do in multiplayer fps tutorial # 11 and at the end of that tutorial i have that "A game object can only be in one layer" error when i start to play. before some days i also faced that error and at that time i deleted my whole program and now it again appears so now i m here for a favor from u. kindly tell me the solution and it appears in shoot script in Start() class in "weaponGFX.layer = LayerMask.NameToLayer(weaponLayerName);" that. so plz help me.

thank u

from ur student. Sir!😊


  • and that is the full error

    "A game object can only be in one layer. The layer needs to be in the range [0...31]


    PlayerShoot:Start() (at Assets/Scripts/PlayerShoot.cs:30)".

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