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I am new to unity and coding C# plz someone help me

I am new to coding can someone help me with a first scrip (it can be for anything)


  • using System;
    namespace Math_Quiz
        class Program
            static void Main(string[] args)
                Console.WriteLine("Hello World");
  • Checkout brackeys tutorial he has a small playlist for Beginners

  • llanyortllanyort Member
    edited April 29

    It is imperative you watch the tutorials "How to program in C# Beginner Tutorial" by brackeys on his You tube channel. Don't do anything else until you watch and interact(attempt the exercises and type the code) with these.

    Especially the videos starting at #10 "Classes". !!! You cant just watch the videos you have got to type it in

    and run it from with an IDE.

    And If you don't know what an IDE is, Then start with the very first video.

    Ive typed in some code in the unity editor, but honestly didn't know what and why I was typing in some code.

    Brackey's tutorials (even the stuff I thought I knew) was an eye opener.

    Leave you ego at the door, watch the videos from start to finish and do the exercises and type along.

    This was the only way I "learned" how to program in C#. I was not intimidated to look at code.

    I now understand 95% of the unity code but the other 5% is no longer unintelligible. Why ? These courses gave me the "terminology" to help me understand what I need to google in order to understand the other 5%.

    And this course is totally free !!!

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