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Retaining variable data from another scene.

Suppose I earn some coins in one scene. The no. of coins is stored in a variable called coinNumber. How to show the same number of coins in other scenes? No matter which scene I collect coins in, it should show the same value in all scenes.


  • CalleRCCalleRC Member
    edited May 2020

    Try look up the function: DontDestroyOnLoad() this will keep the object when loading to a new scene without resetting it's different variables.

  • MuradoMurado Member
    edited May 2020

    What i like to do is to create a non MonoBehaviour Script ( This Script is not attached to any GameObject since it is a non MonoBehaviour) where you declare the variables as static. You can then simply acces any of its variables by calling the static class name from any of your scenes. Example:

    public static GlobalClass


    public static int coins;


    Acces the variable with:


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