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Original Brand New Gsm Gateway very limited Stock

Units of VoIP Global System to Mobile   Gsm Gateway switchboards, routers, modems, antennas, with computers laptops were also reportedly seized from the network. A police source said that commonly calls made from other countries to India land with the public switch off telephone networks link to mobile phone service providers with VoIP gateways. The accused import kits from China for recreational calls to subscribers here without passing through the official gateway resulting in huge income harm to the Telecom Department.

VoIP Gsm Gateway

VoIP Gsm Gateway wants to modify Analog Telephone lines, GSM, Fax Lines, BRI Lines, with E1/T1/PRI to VoIP. A typical VoIP gateway was interfaced to both IP networks with PSTN/PRI/GSM. VoIP Gateways supply the scalability and assortment options for undercharging and flexible connectivity. Along with converting Analog Digital lines to VoIP, it's used for converting VoIP TO Analog with Digital Lines. based used VoIP gateways are classified or Analog Gateway, BRI Gateway, PRI Gateway, with GSM Gateway... Analog VoIP Gateways is available in Both FXO Gateway or FXS Gateway with Different PORT configurations. There is another category in the proportion VoIP gateway called ATA Devices. ATA devises supply 1 or 2 analog interfaces for residential users and little business to modify present analog appliance to IP-based networks and with another way around.


Features -:

Gsm Gateway

·        4/8/32 GSM/CDMA/WCDMA Channels.

·        Up to 4/ 8/ 32 Concurrent Calls

·        SIM Card Slot: 4/8/32 Channels

·        API for SMS Sending and Receiving

·        GSM: Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz

·        USSD, Open API for SMS/USSD

·        PSTN and VoIP Hotline


VoIP Gsm Gateway

·        GEMPRO GP-630-3G/GP-632-3G 3G/ GSM VoIP Gateway

·        GEMPRO GP-630/GP-632 GSM SIP VoIP Gateway For Remote SIM Card Access

·        GP-514 4 Ports Fixed Wireless Terminal for all Cellular systems

·        GP-710/GP-712 Bluetooth Mobile SIP VoIP Gateway For Global Systems!!


·        GP-530 Bluetooth Wireless Fixed Terminal

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