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I want to learn more... Plz Help

AshwinAshwin Member

I am just a begginer . I have completed all the basics for unity but i need more

Projects and tutorials to learn more about scripting or other amazing things...plz helpšŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜ž


  • CalleRCCalleRC Member

    When i started i bought a cheap tutorial on Udemy (You can often found something with a nice discount).

    If you don't wan't to use any money, I would recommend jumping into unity and create small, simple "borring" games, while following tutorials. Even though you might won't to create the next new RPG, the most fun you will have is to create stupid little games like a cookie clicker or a simple platformer. Something that you can show to your friends and get feedback from.

  • I recommend the shooter series (and also all other tutorials) by Sebastian Lague on Youtube. This will skyrocket you into becoming a serious developer.

    Most courses on Udemy are kinda meh, I think you'll be bored if you've already mastered the basics. Look for more advanced stuff, I quite like the RPG course by Rick Davidson and his partners.

    I write some blog posts about the mindset of being a game developer, which I believe is important above all else, since a strong mindset can help you overcome any technical problem, the blog is currently tiny, but I already have a few helpful articles in there that I often re-read myself to keep motivated. Head over to zeusgameassets.com to learn more.

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