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Cloned gameobjects not visible

So I recently started watching the Unity tutorial from freeCodeCamp. I finished most of the video (2h left) and the code is mostly the same, I changed the names of the objects but not serious. When I created my enemy spawner, which randomly selects from 3 different enemies, it all worked fine well mostly. When I ran the game enemies werent visible I know they are there because of the collision and also when I go to the scene tab I can see them, until I zoom in a little bit then they disappear. I tried looking for answer on google and I did find somethings, but they didnt work for me. I tried changing unity version which didnt work. Visual studio and unity console dont show any errors and everything works fine except for non visible clones. This only happens to cloned objects prefabs work fine. If someone thinks they know the answer pls let me know.

Here is the code:

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