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I need some help with interactions and dialogues

Hey everyone!

I would like your help cause I made a dialogue script yesterday to test out some stuff (It works just fine) and today I wanted to make a script to make the ui and the text to appear when you interact with a random NPC

So after trying something I was able only to make the script see if the player is on range to interact with the colision box I gave to the NPC but if I am far away and press the button I use to interact the dialogue still appears ...

it also appears just once and never again if I press the button again...

What have I done wrong?

Is there maybe a better way to do this?

I am pretty much a beginner just trying to make stuff for fun but having a hard time figuring out stuff

All help would be appreciated!

Here are some screenshots of the scripts and from Unity

Dialogue script:

Interaction script:

And some Unity screenshots just in case:

Many thanks on advance!

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