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How can i make a player stop when he hits the obsticle

i've watched the 5th episode of brackey's tutorials "how to make a video game in unity COLLISION " But still i can't figure it out. it doesn't even show the message in the console when you hit an obsticle or the ground. please help me maybe you have a code for that


  • Before you run the code, You must add a layer called Obstacle in your GameObject.

    using System.Collections;

    using System.Collections.Generic;

    using UnityEngine;

    public class CollisionDetection : MonoBehaviour


        void OnCollisionEnter2D(Collider2D collision)


            //Detect if this collision hit the other collision with a name of the layer.

            if (collision.gameObject.layer == LayerMask.NameToLayer("Obstacle"))


    //Debug the collision.

                Debug.Log(collision + "is touched!");




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