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Where should I start?

Hi there amazing community. I'm super new to the game development scene. I've been wanting to make a platformer game for a while now, but have no idea where to start. Every time I try to find a tutorial, I do it, but then I have no idea what to do next. Is there a solid place to start my journey? (I plan on using Unity and learning c#) Thanks!


  • WarpWarp Administrator

    From personal experience I can make these recommendations:

    1. Fully complete the MSDN C# beginner course. Dont skip ahead, take your time and make sure you understand it.
    2. Make a few console apps to familiarize yourself with the language. Ie: tic tac toe, a guessing game etc
    3. After you're pretty comfy with C#, I recommend hopping into Unity with Brackeys beginner Make A Game playlist course on Youtube. It will be a struggle, but you should be able to do it if you took the MSDN course.
    4. After completing the brackeys course, start your platformer! Just google around: "how to make a platformer in unity", "jumping in unity", "2D platformer unity" etc. These search queries will yield incredible results. That should get you to a complete game you can show off, and you'll be experienced in unity.
  • First, define what you want to see in this game (features, etc.). You can even make an RFP for yourself to understand it better. Here's a good tutorial: It is for businesses but you can adapt it.

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