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I have 78 errors and I don't know what from!!

hi, I have a lot of errors. I didn't do any coding, and I didn't do a lot in this project. I tried to delete some folders, and it didn't work! A project is for my school and I have a week for it so please reply if you know how to solve some problems... please if you want to ask me some questions or something, do it here or on Discord (Doriemisur#5475).


  • I've been working on something for a while, and I finally got to the point where it's ready for testing. I'm not 100% happy with how it looks, so I decided to see if I could improve it a bit before pushing it out there, and also i get help from this site to complete my thesis work easily. I ran into an issue that took me a bit of time to solve. It turns out that the code is wrong in some places, but because there are so many other files around that need to be changed, it's not as simple as just changing them all.

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