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Want to develop, but can't spend time to learn art/modeling.

So, I am a Junior in Highschool and I know that in college I will be going into Game Programming (they have different majors for design/art). I want to practice and build up my system building skills and mechanics for games but I know I have to create art to do so. What do I do?


  • You can still make games with basic shapes.

  • Pixel art may be a good asset.

  • jortdjortd Member

    Have a look at the Unity Asset Store! There are a bunch of free assets and asset packs out there, ready to use in your project.

    I'd reccommend finding the assets you like and revolve your game around that.

    Good luck!

  • Check out the mega scans library, they have thousands of photo realistic assets there. It's what Epic used for the unreal engine 5 demo. They even have a unity plugin so you can easily export the models to unity. It has 8k textures with LOD and HDRP/LWRP support

  • maybe you can make a team of several people that knows how to do 3D modeling and also have time to do it.

  • MrSlugMrSlug Member

    Hey Joeyy,

    Firstly, don't stress! Art is a huge part of game design for sure, but the technical side of game design is too, you'll learn them both as you play with your projects.

    I'd recommend getting familiar with the programming side of games, make some simple little platformers or fps shooters using capsules. If you can't stand the default look of your game, try taking a look at the free section of the Unity Asset store, there's a link at the top of this forum (Dev Assets) that has some gorgeous assets for free!

    Once you're comfortable with that, take a look at some Blender tutorials for 3D modelling, or some pixel art guides.

    Good luck!



  • I've found a load of really useful assets on as well, you can sort by free assets and a lot of them are free to use in any kind of project :)

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