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what is the error in this line of code?

hi, im new to programming an am following Brackeys c# tutorial on it. for ep04 he gives a challenge to make a program that rolls 2 dice and if they are the same you "win". but i got these errors and don't know where they come from.

the weird part about it is that it still does what it is supposed to do. it does not crash. its just what its supposed to be, the programming challenge in ep04.


  • Try checking in your code for an extra }

  • edited March 11

    ok, so i found that if i save, close and reopen it does not give any errors. idk what is happening because the same problem is happening with my other program, and it is again going right when i reopen the file. is vs code doing something wrong? did I do something wrong? I have no idea.

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