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Hello | السلام عليكم

Hello, World! My name is Abdallah Ahmed, I'm 22 years old . I'm from IRAQ . And I'm proud to be one of brackeys community (Programming) I start learning to code in 2014 And the first language I've start to learn was java even that it was very very hard to me But I was not complaining because I want that and i thought this is the programming and after 3 years I've learned many things And I start to make desktop apps And I did very well i made many things like (Code editor like VS code..etc, Calculator, drawing app, photo editor(In the photo editor you can drop and drag the image and and add some filters), And my biggest achievement I made a messenger app and it was very very good and it was real time chat ) any way after that i start learning python but i didn't make anything with it i just learned it for 2 month then went to html,css and php and start my web designer journey until 2020 i start to learn c# for making games and I'm doing well too i still need to learn more about that language Also i've mastered Unity almost know everything on it And I can make 3d/2d games And Thanks for your reading .



  • I didn't mention that i have worked on a social network website like facebook, it called AqarbChat.😴

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