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problem with code

sahil_goyalsahil_goyal Member
edited December 2020 in Programming

my code doesn't work when i write this code;-

public class obstaclesp : MonoBehaviour

{  public playermovement movement;

  void OnCollisionEnter ( Collision collisioninfo)


    if (collisioninfo.collider.tag == "Obstacle")


      movement.enabled = false;




  • Is movement script not disabling, if so, are there any errors in the console?

  • no error in console..

  • Screenshots of code in your editor, if possible

  • bro thanks for your concern but my issue was already solved. Actually, I was new in unity and thought that player movement is a function in unity. But now I got known that I was wrong.

  • Ok great. You will face many errors in beginning.

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