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Can you tell which version of unity did you use for your game series "Tower Defense" ??

In your game series "Tower Defense" which unity version did you use? Currently I am using Unity 2020.1.10f1 and I have some problems making the game. Thank You!!

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  • AbhinavAbhinav Member
    Accepted Answer

    Soo he is using unity 5.3.5 it is available publicly now. Just search "unity archives" on google go to the link and go to the 5x unity version section go to 5.3.5 and then if your on windows click on the dropdown and click installer and just download it and countinue. Hope this helped you out!

  • AtharvAtharv Member
    edited December 2020 Accepted Answer

    Thanks that helped!

  • AbhinavAbhinav Member
    Accepted Answer

    Your Welcome you can download all the versions of unity there. I probably think unity is going to stop that site because it has many old Very old unity version but for now at least we have it.

  • Abhinav1Abhinav1 Member
    Accepted Answer

    Arthav this is me abhinav my other account for some reason got deleted I cannot get in so ya

    At the end of the series he actually changed to 5.5.0

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