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Indie game testers

Hi! I created a game for my school project and need some people to test it! I was hoping some of you guys would be able to help!

Rest of the informations is in the webpage:


  • It looks pretty good. The first thing I noticed was the UI on the controls screen is really good. I might try to bring the UI on the start screen and actual game up to that standard. The next thing I would do is add in art for the enemy's it doesn't need to be fancy for example you could have a packet icon for the DDoS enemy's or a bug for the red circles. I personally would add in a map. computers have interesting parts so you could have a mother board be the map for example, I don't think this is necessary but if you did this and maybe added in a bounce script for projectiles that would open up a lot of possibility's. If you do decide on doing a map don't over do it just put in a few obstacles here and there other wise you will need to do pathfinding for the enemy's which is far more complicated than just making the go to a spot or follow the player. Sound would be good probably if you wanted to add that in for attacks, getting hit, etc. I don't know how much time went in to this or how much time you have left but if I were you my priority list in order would be:

    -Replacing enemy sprites

    -UI improvement


    -Map(If you don't feel like doing this or its causing issues it's probably not worth it)

    Replacing enemy sprites is what's really going to boost your grade for this project, this is because having circles and cubes makes the game feel incomplete. The game plays well and has no glitches that I found, so that is really good.

  • @Mesmeric_Development

    Hi! Thanks for the feedback! I just started this project for about 1 mth+ and it took me awhile to come up with the concept. I have about 2 mths left for this project! I will be working all the feedback I received once I finish up me essay anyways thanks for your feedback it helps me move in the right direction!

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