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Anyone can help me where should I start to programming?

hi every body I hope you doing well

please everyone can help me where should I start to learn scrip and programming ?

please consider I have no experience in coding and I do not understand it at all :\ sounds awful right ?

at least im here and im trying

plaese help me


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  • Sl0thSl0th Member
    Accepted Answer

    Hey, depends on what you want to be able to do, really. Do you just want to be able to make a computer do stuff? Do you want to make video games? Do you want to make web sites?

    There are different programming languages for different purposes.

    If you just want to learn programming, many people prefer starting with Python. It's much more simple than many other languages and you can write code in it much faster. Its simplicity can also be confusing, though, depending on the person.

    For video games, C# is a good place to go. Unity is a popular program to make them in, and it uses C#. Here I suggest you try making a tiny project by following a tutorial first. can get you started on that. Then, go find Brackeys C# tutorials on YouTube and go learn.

    For web sites, you'll want to learn html, JavaScript, and CSS. Python can also prove useful here.


  • first of all I should say how tanksful and grateful I am that you spend your time to help me out . I really appreciate it 🤗

    my goal is to understand and learn C# for gaming purposes as I believe I have some good ideas for games.

    I already have some experiences (amature) with Unity , making some scenes using prefabs, play with some premade scrips from sites and YouTube tutorials, the first thing I found out was that I have to understand and learn coding to be able to make what I have in mind

    the problem was that I couldn't understand Brackey's C# tutorials on YouTube because i do not know the coding alphabets

    now with what you suggested I think I have path to follow

    thanks , thanks a lot

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