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How to start a game?

Hi guys!

I'm new in unity, but very very old in programming.

So i decided to make a game.

The problem is, how to start?

I see a lot of good tutorials on youtube of how to make player movement, health bar, camera etc. but there are no tutorials about how to start.

Where is better so put all the files?

What would be better? To separate as many as possible scripts or to make 3 in 1?


  • Hey, Brackeys has some starting tutorials that you can check out.

    The Unity project itself can be anywhere, really. All the files you make should be in the Assets directory. Make separate directories within that for different file types.

    Most standard OOP best practices and principles also apply to Unity. Check out Jason Weimann for information om that. For this specific question, you want to have each script be responsible for one thing.

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