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"Unable to generate assets for build and debug.

Any time I try to generate assets for build and debug based on the tutorial it says "Unable to generate assets to build and debug. OmniSharp server is not running."


  • I am having the same problem

  • just happened to me as well were you able to figure out what was wrong? @CSharp_Newbie @magnus_p1

  • It happened to me too. Anyone figured it out?

  • Zerken2005Zerken2005 Member
    edited September 2021

    It happened to me too when i started learning.... I fortunately solved it by uninstalling and reinstalling vs code and then in the program.cs file,press f1 and search for 'restart omnisharp' and select the folder name......then vscode will show a popup notif for adding assets for buil an debug an ur'e good to go.

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