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C# Noob. How to

c0deno0bc0deno0b Member
edited October 2020 in Programming


I am completing a task in a small course and I have never used C#.

The course is all online and I have had no luck trying to wrap my head around C#.

Could anyone point me in the right direction... what should I learn in order to complete this task... or does anyone know how I could? Its the only C# task in the entire course. But I need to understand what to do in order to proceed to the areas of learning I want to progress in.

Please and thanks in advance


Best Answers

  • SentokooSentokoo Member
    Accepted Answer

    This Brackeys tutorial specifically goes over how to make a shopping list and list of favorite movies, so there's the first 2 covered.

  • mbustmbust Member
    Accepted Answer

    I would not only recommend the above answer, but also the C# tutorials page on w3schools' website. It has an online code tester thing that lets you test out the code you learned. You write the code in one text box and the result appears in the other text box over to the side. Good luck!


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