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I'm Using cinemachine freelook cam in my game and until now, i was using my mouse and keyboard for rotating cam and moving player.

But i am making this for mobile, so i set up on screen joysticks for movement, left for move and right for cam. I will use Unity Standard assets crossplatform Input.

Movement scripts are done by me (Brackeys third person movement video), so i can modify them as




And map my movement joystick to Horizontal and Vertical Axis.

But the problem is with Camera. Cinemachine uses

Input.GetAxis("Mouse X");

For reading mouse input, but i need to read it the onscreen joystick input which i have mapped to Cam X/Y

If i set Axis name in cinamachine as Mouse X/Y, but it will use Unity Native Input.

But it should

CrossPlatformInputManager.GetAxis("Cam X");

How will I do that

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