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C# Help please

Write a do while loop that outputs the following messages:

The rocket will launch in 10 seconds

The rocket will launch in 9 seconds

The rocket will launch in 8 seconds

... all the way to, and including zero

At one second change the message to just say 'second'

When it goes past zero output a message saying 'Rocket Launched!'

And i have done this-

using System;

class MainClass {

 public static void Main (string[] args) {


  int counter = 10;


   Console.WriteLine("The rocket will launch in " + counter + " seconds" );



  while (counter >= 0);









  • just put this messages out of the loop (if you dont need to do enythig in each itertion other then printing messages)




     while (counter > 1 );



    if you want to keep the messages inside the loop then add if's when the counter is 1 and 0

  • Where would i put it ? Im abit confused.

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