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Animation Problem



I downloaded some animations from mixamo, and followed the Brackeys Third person controller video to make a third person game. It was all moving good. Then i tried to add animations to it. I added the run animation, but it was looking wired, it got ahead more than i wanted and when i rotated the character, it got too wired.

I searched then i found that root motion was causing this, so I ticked bake trasform (XZ) in the inspector of the fbx animation. All the properties were in green, but the XZ transform was in red.

The above problem was not coming now, but another was there.

The transform was somehow acting weirdly. So i then imorted the Unity's Standard Assets Third person and used it's animations. The wierd movement was not there and the player is moving around very correctly.

But I think in it's Start and End, the legs position do not match, so, animation it looking weird, like it's one leg is broken

Please help Somebody

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  • HNJHNJ Member
    Accepted Answer

    Ok I fixed it by manually editing the animation each keyframe to make it right in the unity animation window

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