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Sort object in quick sort Algorithm

I'm working on a survey-based application that includes a mechanism for comparing people's compatibilities with the user's.

quick sort algorithm:

public static void qsort(People [] ppl, Integer [] a, Integer si, Integer ei){
        //base case
        if(ei<=si || si>=ei){}

            Integer pivot = a[si]; 
            Integer i = si+1; Integer tmp; 

            //partition array 
            for(Integer j = si+1; j<= ei; j++){
                if(pivot < a[j]){
                    tmp = a[j]; 
                    a[j] = a[i]; 
                    a[i] = tmp; 


            //put pivot in right position
            a[si] = a[i-1]; 
            a[i-1] = pivot; 

            //call qsort on right and left sides of pivot
            qsort(a, si, i-2); 
            qsort(a, i, ei); 

I have a rapid sort algorithm that efficiently sorts numbers from greatest to least, but I also need to sort an array of individuals alongside the array of integers (which is an array of people's compatibilities). How can I arrange the array of persons so that they correspond to their respective integer compatibility?

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