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Need help on c#

Ask the student to input their grade from their test

If the student got an A or a B grade then it should output “Well Done”

If the student gets a C grade it should output “Room for Improvement”

If the student got any other mark then it should say “ Try Harder”


  • I am new to C# and only got 4 Days of experience now but this is what i came up with. Im sure that there is a more effective way of setting grade to a lower case.

    using System;

    namespace ConsoleApp2


      class Program


        static void Main(string[] args)


          Console.WriteLine("Pleas enter your grade: ");

          string grade = Convert.ToString(Console.ReadLine());

          grade = grade.ToLower();

          switch (grade)


            case "a":

              Console.WriteLine("Very well Done");


            case "b":

              Console.WriteLine("Well Done");


            case "c":

              Console.WriteLine("Room for Improvement");



              Console.WriteLine("Try Harder");








  • Thanks mate this really helped.

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