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How to create portals?

Alex4791Alex4791 Member
edited September 2020 in Programming

My game is based on How to Make a Game in Unity's tutorial where the object just keeps moving forward, left and right without hitting obstacles.

So how to create portals taking you to different environments. I am referring to the two rooms illusion that can only be entered from one end, except mine is like the game I mentioned above.

Best Answer


  • Have you watched brackeys portal tutorial

  • @JIMMY_VASHI04 The one with two rooms to align one camera with the other seemed a long way for just a little. My game only ever moves straight with the player using A and D to move left to right. So rotating isn't really a thing anyway.

    My game functions like the How to Make a Game in Unity Brackey's tutorial comprising 10 videos.

  • Then just change the players position and rotation and make some shaders to visualize it as a portal that teleports player and you can also use some post processing volume with bounds to change the environment.

  • @JIMMY_VASHI04 Yeah, a guide on that would be useful.

  • Alex4791Alex4791 Member
    edited September 2020

    @JIMMY_VASHI04 Thank you for helping. Hope this video does not require watching previous ones to implement. I suppose this is what suits my project.

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