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Global bone missing when .dae imported to unity

jairajnsjairajns Member
edited September 2020 in 3D Art

Hi guys,

When importing a .dae file created on 3ds max, to unity, Global bone is missing. Where as the Static objects that do not have any animation work fine.

Then tried importing .fbx on unity instead, basic animations like character walking, works fine but not all the animations of the character like sitting or interacting with surroundings are working.

The .dae models were created to be used in Flash Player using PaperVision Library. Right now we are trying to port the game to Unity. We have many assets ~1000, we are trying to re use the same .dae assets in Unity.

While porting we are facing this issue.

Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated!

Can you help me here?


  • What I do when importing .dae objects with animations is import them into blender as a .dae and export them as an.fbx . I've never had a problem with that although I also don't use paper vision. I would at least try to see if it works with an animated object. If its animating but you are getting weird results, in blender just select everything hit control a then apply all transforms.

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