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Fps Microgame not working

Yesterday I downloaded Fps microgame and it was working fine.Today I added more rooms and it has stopped working. when I click on play button nothing happens .everything seems to be frozen.what should I do?


  • Hello. Clicking the play button loads the all of the current gameObjects. This may take more time for your device if there is a lot to load. If it still doesn't load after 5 minutes, try optimizing the scene and trying again. If this doesn't work, I suggest reaching out to Unity.

    If this problem is already fixed, then please ignore this comment :).

  • Are you able to confirm for me which version of the Unity editor you are using to run this microgame? I'm aware that it only works for specific versions so do check the documentation on that and if needed, install the version required and let us know here if you still having issues.


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