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HerrNegnarHerrNegnar Member
edited September 2020 in Programming

Hey guys, i watched the video 9. how to program in c# arrays today.


It got me the idea of making a tic tac toe game with only console and no grafix.

My problem nnow is that i can make a grid 3X3, but i cant make the "player" change the outcome.

1 2 3

4 5 6

7 8 9

That is how my field looks and i want the player to change one of the numbers to a X or O depending on wich turn it is.

i set up a Convert.ToInt32 for the readline and a switch statement 1-9 depending of the choice the player makes but i dont know how to call the change of the grid and show the outcome to the player.

I get if you dont write the whole code, but if someone has a hint i would be very grateful.

I hope that my question is understandeble and can be answered.

And if this is explaind in the next video, im sorry but im tired and dont have that time tonight.

If you see this björn, sorry to see you gone from youtube. You help me alot and you got he best voice for this, good luck in the future.

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