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iOS-Error: Nested Objects (Json .Net)

t_damiankingt_damianking Member
edited September 2020 in Programming

I really hope someone can help me.

I'm currently working on a mobile game and created a DialogueManager, which is referred to a Json.

On all plattforms (Unity Editor on Windows & MacOS and Android) the system works and json will be read out properly, but not on iOS. I made quite a lot tests and I'm pretty sure that iOS cant handle nested objects. I'm sure of that beacuse iOS handled an JSON object with only one class.

I really hope someone can help me, I'll send pictures of the outcome of my screen and my scripts with which I searched for the error

Edit.: I'm using JSON .NET For Unity (Newtonsoft.Json)

Thanks in advance and sorry for my improper english.



This is the text file in which I write all my dialogs. I already tested at a website if the file has any syntax errors.

This is my json class with nested objects

This is my test script in which I write the text file and deserialize the json and write it on screen. And above is the script component and the references in my test scene.

This is the screen otucome for all plattforms, except iOS (left side is the text file, right side the deserialized json)

This is the iOS outcome.

And if it helps anyone.. This were Debug.Logs XCode send frequently.

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