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Hello Brackey's Community

Hi guys and gals, my name is Mike Loiselle! I been a long time fan of games and had gotten a software for making Visual Basic games in the 90's. At that time I had no clue on what I was doing or how to code. When I went to college in 2002, I took fundamentals of programming 1. Basically C++. I struggled with programming ever since. I finally learn that my college had Game courses and excitedly took part in it. That was 10-15 years after starting college. Learning about Unity and C#, I am still learning how to use. I finally graduated in December 2018. I am still looking to get better at programming. I've bought almost every C# & Unity physical book. I want to joined this Discord server to become fluent in C#. And hopefully pass on my experience to some one else in need. I live in Austin Texas and go to Game Dev workshops when they have them.

My current work is learning how to make a 3rd person RPG that has building base elements. I am currently following Brackey's and Sebestian's Rpg tutorial playlist. I still can't fully understand the animator state machine.

So Hi again, and I hopefully see you on the Forums!

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