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What can I say Team Brackeys?

I don't believe in goodbyes, nor do i believe this is a good bye.

Thank you, for your dedication for one. I think I speak for all viewers, past, present and future when I say it's been a genuine honor and I that's the best way i will ever be able to describe what you have done for your community. The countless times, I have watched your video's over and over again burning something into my brain should say it all, and yet, I'm at a loss for words.

I suppose we all knew this day would come, when the name Brackeys would become a sort of a memento and history book of something great, and we all hope the name has more to offer then just this. And as much as I can only speak for myself, I'm sure many would agree, you have left more then a mark on us, all 1.21M of us. I wish you all well in your ventures, I hope one day I can sit down and watch a video on some insane mechanic no one thought to attempt. I hope. I hope, that one day, we can see where you land, all of you at team brackeys. To each your own respect have mastered a craft very few have or ever will, become a part of more lives then you will ever truly see.

I suppose thank you, is the correct thing to say. But I don't think in our eyes, thank you, will ever begin to sum up how grateful we, and everyone who will continue to see your videos, are.

so, I should start somewhere.

Thank you, Shukran (Arabic), Xie Xie (Chinese), Hvala (Croatian), Tak (Danish), Merci (French), Danke (German), Efharisto (Greek), Mahalo (Hawaiian), Terima Kasih (Indonesian), Grazie (Italian), Arigato (Japanese)


  • This was awesome to read.

    Thank you very much for sharing!

    I agree with you, I am also incredibly grateful!

    Thank you, Brackeys Team! <3

  • edited December 2021

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