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My object falls slower when I apply Drag coefficient

Hello people. I watched Brackeys beginner unity tutorials. Onto the movement tutorial, when i applied the 0 friction, the object decelerated slowly and i wanted to decelerate much faster. I searched for things and I found that rigidbody has a property of drag. I set it to 5 when there is no input so itd slow down much faster. but when it is free falling (not colliding and going down in the space infinitely), it falls down slow, like time slows down. How can i fix this?

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  • Sl0thSl0th Member
    Accepted Answer

    Hey there

    I haven't watched the tutorial, but why have you set the friction to 0? Drag is like air resistance, which sets a limit for how fast it can fall (and how fast it accelerates). But if you only want him to decelerate quickly when he touches the ground... Friction sounds like what you need.

    Alternatively, you could adjust the velocity by code.

    Hope it helps.

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