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Multi-layered soundtracks?? Changing 'layers' on the fly?!

Hey guys! Need a ton a little bit of help.

The Idea: Let’s say I have a band, in which every person plays each their own instrument. I need to be able to switch their instruments ‘on the fly’, e.g. switch guitar sound for a bass, or switch percussions for bongos.

My theory: To have, like, ‘imaginary slots?’ (dunno if that’s actually a thing) for each of the ‘band players’, and to be able to switch the audio tracks in these slots with a click of a button, or smth.

The solution: ???

The solution to this will be rewarded with the infinite amount of gratitute and obligatory mentioning in the credits.

P.S. Bonus points if they would actually sync after switching (let’s say I switch the guitar for bass at 01:40 and the new track starts at 01:40 as well). Though it’s not the priority at the moment.

P.P.S. I’m using an Audio Manager from Brackeys’ Tutorial, if that would be any helpful.

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