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Why is my FPS character sticking to walls and then falling down?

Hi. I got this really simple FPS game, but when you jump against a wall, the player sticks for a while and then falls down (see video linked below). How can I solve this problem? It's not a problem with friction (I've already tested this by adding a physics material that has no friction). I also added my player controller script. I would be really gratefull if someone could help me out!

Video of what happens:



  • just an idea: maybe the tag of your wall is ground so when your player collides with it isGrounded is true and he doesnt fall

  • While stuck can you jump again or do any other action?

  • An idea: Create a New Physic Material and set all friction to 0

  • NoGuy but then the capsule will keep sliding

  • U can add another box collider on top of the capsule collider but male sure it should not be that big that it touches the ground and then change it's physics material by adding a new material and then changing its friction to 0

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