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How to make a visual studio program to an exe?

so made a little program with visual studio code using brackeys coding tutorial and i made a cool interactive quiz and wanted to share it with my friends so i was wandering if theirs a way to make it a exe so if you just click on it the console opens. so i can share the file with my friends.


  • JinxmetwiceJinxmetwice Member
    edited September 2020

    I had a little bit of trying stuff to get this figured out but once you get it once its simple at least how they have you set it up for the tutorials. In VSCode, in the Terminal menu bar choose Run build task... It will open the command pallet with 2 options on it, choose build, It will scroll a bit on your lower terminal in VSCode, click if it tells you to click.

    After that's done open the folder you had been using for that project, in the bin/debug folder you should find another folder, that is the compiled version of your program.

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